Tech Trade Essentials

The app which do assist you on these recurring tasks, so you can concentrate on what you do best

Tech Trade Essentials

Do you want to manage by exception, instead of checking every document? Are you a wholesaler with an extensive item database, and do you have a hard time keeping up with the suppliers price-updates? And even though you import the new prices on a regular base, you are still unsure if a price in a sales document is up to date? Let our Tech Trade – Essentials app do assist you on these recurring tasks, so you can concentrate on what you do best!

Maintenance of your item database can be a time consuming task, especially if you have a large portfolio. You can import item with the Excel import. But it is a time consuming task, and a small mistake can have a large impact. Excel is a great tool, and it is smart, but it can be a bit too smart. Chances are that number formats are incorrectly interpreted, causing wrong prices in your price lists. For instance, a Dutch number format of 1.000 (meaning one-thousand), might be interpreted as “1,0” depending on the combination of your local settings, server setting etc. By saving the price list as a csv-file and import the csv file, you have to advantages: no more formatting issues, and a much, much shorter waiting time when you import 10-thousands of records. But that is not all: with this import tool, you can create new items as well, update the existing items, create new sales and purchase price records and close the old prices records.

When you create sales documents, sometimes you are in doubt if the price displayed is up-to date. With Tech Trade – Essentials app, this is all history. When the applied sales price is older than a certain period (which you can setup yourself), the price is displayed in a red font, so you can contact your supplier to check whether your price info is still up to date.

If a user changes the price, or the line discount, the system will store the original price and discount as calculated by Business Central and it will flag the sales line with a “Manual Price” checkmark. An equal checkmark will then be set on the header of the sales document. This enables a user to set a filter on sales documents with manually changed prices/discounts. This helps you to accelerate the invoice process, as you only have to check the documents with the “manual price” flag!

Do you want to duplicate an item? Just use the “Copy Item” functionality of the Tech Trade app. The entire item card will be duplicated, and you can choose which subsidiary records you want to include (like price records, BOM list, translations etc).

Features and benefits

  • Import items and create purchase and sales prices in the same run
  • Copy items with subsidiary records
  • Flag sales documents with manually changed prices or discounts
  • Store the primary calculated price and discount in the sales lines
  • Mark old sales prices in sales documents

Try the App Tech Trade Essentials in the Microsoft AppSource.

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