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Custom Fields

Easily create your own custom fields for customers, vendors and contacts


Custom Fields

Do you have customer data you can’t register? Are you missing important contact or vendor information which is essential for your company business? And is there any sync between contacts, customers and vendors? Just some important issues Small to Midsize Businesses struggle with nowadays.


At the moment a lot of standard fields for entities like contacts, customers and vendors are provided, but what if you want to register company specific data for your company process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? We have the perfect App to help you get more productive.

With the use of the extension Custom Fields you can easily create your own specific fields for the customers, vendor and contacts. Each field can be set up with a field type for data entry, you can use customizable lists and can translate each custom field into your own language.

The extension Custom Fields also supports synchronization of the custom fields between contacts, customers and vendors. This will enable you to maintain your data in one place and keep it synced with the related data. A time-saving and error-limiting functionality.

New features
With the latest version of Custom Fields it is possible to use the custom fields on sales headers & sales lines and purchase headers & purchase lines. You can create and use your own fields on for example sales quotes or purchase orders. A other new feature is the transfer of the custom fields from your customer to a job or sales header, from a vendor to a purchase header and from an item to sales and purchase lines. Now you can empower your entire logistical process to the max with the benefits of Custom Fields!

Features and benefits

  • Applicable for the entities customers, vendors, contacts, jobs, items and resources
  • Applicable for the documents and lines for sales and purchase
  • Create up-to 5 custom fields per field type for each entity
  • Define the used field type of the custom field
  • Synchronization of the custom fields between contacts, customers and vendors
  • Transferring of fields from customer, vendors and items to jobs, sales documents & lines and purchase documents and lines
  • Configurable in local language

Do you want to work more productively? Try the App Custom Fields for free in the Microsoft AppSource.